About Soviet Beret

Revolutionary Socialist record company. Long associated with Socialist R&B legends Thee Faction. Formerly committed to an entirely ‘samizdat’ operation, Soviet Beret is now operating in ‘the mainstream’ for the first time. We’ve even got catalogue numbers now.

We aim to take a leading role in a war of position against the forces of capital. To place counter-hegemonic struggle at the forefront of all our activities, and to ensure that, in everything the label does, we are a positive force within proletarian revolutionary activity.

How? Through records. Long playing vinyl records and 7″ vinyl records. Soviet Beret is also, reluctantly, embracing digital technologies, in so far as they might aid the class struggle. Most, but not all, Soviet Beret releases will be available in a digital format of some kind.

Contact us at sovietberet@gmail.com

Out now! Sov04 – the new Thee Faction LP.  £7 incl P&P



Release date: July 8th 2013

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