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SOV 04

Thee Faction – Good Politics: Your Role As An Active Citizen in Civil Society


SOV 03

Thee Faction – Singing Down The Government, or, The War Of Position And How We’re Winning It

SOV 02

Thee Faction – Up The Workers, or, Capitalism is Good for Corporations, That’s Why You’ve Been Told Socialism is Bad All Your Life


SOV 01

Thee Faction –  At Ebbw Vale


Thee Faction - At Ebbw Vale






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  1. AV or not AV, that is the question? No, it’s NOT the question. « Thee Faction - 01/05/2011

    […] UP THE WORKERS! […]

  2. Happy Birthday Karl Marx « Thee Faction - 05/05/2011

    […] the words on his headstone, comrade. And note the title of our new album: Up the Workers!, or, Capitalism is Good for Corporations That’s Why You’ve Been Told Soc…. The message remains the […]

  3. Boardroom pay up by 55%. Fortunately, we’re all in this together « Thee Faction - 06/05/2011

    […] FTSE 100 avoiding their tax bill as much as possible. Sign this petition to protest this nonsense. And buy a Thee Faction record – that’ll help […]

  4. Protest for sale « Thee Faction - 18/05/2011

    […] you, complete with logos and an official soundtrack. Why can you only buy Thee Faction records from Soviet Beret, or from us? Why aren’t the House of Fraser packaging up some RMT messages and sticking them […]

  5. Socialist Ephemera Available at the DDRofRnB « Thee Faction - 27/01/2012

    […] be available at the DDRofRnB. Or, as always, you’ll get one or two chucked into your parcel if you order the records. But get yourselves down to the DDRofRnB on the 16th February. We expect those lush DDRofRnB […]

  6. Three tasters of the new Thee Faction album « Soviet Beret Records - 28/08/2012

    […] Buy Records […]

  7. How fun are Thee Faction live? This much fun « Thee Faction - 12/09/2012

    […] you like it so much that you want a whole album of this kind of thing? Then go and order the new one. Singing Down The Government, or, The War of Position And How We’re Winning It is out on […]

  8. Your Duties This Week « Thee Faction - 16/10/2012

    […] forget we also do two-album and three-album packages. Head over to Soviet Beret Records to browse the […]

  9. New Album Out NOW! « Thee Faction - 22/10/2012

    […] The new album is out. Get yours now. £7.  […]

  10. Your record collection isn’t quite good enough. We can help. « Thee Faction - 16/02/2013

    […] That’s what we can offer. Three albums which do exactly that. And you can have them all for £15 (or £7 each). […]

  11. Article: Buy Records | The Q - New Music for The Modern World! - 24/03/2013

    […] Records Not only smashing records but also right on message My favourite band right now! Cheers Tim The Q […]

  12. New Album Out July 8th | Thee Faction - 08/04/2013

    […] get Thee Faction’s first three albums as a package for £15 (3xCD 1xvinyl LP), or £7 each, direct from Soviet Beret Records. Need convincing? Here’s what the critics […]

  13. New release July 8th | Soviet Beret Records - 10/04/2013

    […] Buy Records […]

  14. What are Thee Faction up to? | Thee Faction - 23/08/2013

    […] or go and check out all the multi-album packages available from Soviet Beret Records. […]

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